Hmmm…What to do when there’s a heat advisory…?

I know! I’ll go help out on the farm!

I’ll weed onions…and then help mulch…

They’re so perky because I drenched them in sweat.

I’ll heave-ho buckets of water. I’ll cough on chaff dust while learning about red worm compost. And just because I’m not completely drained of electrolytes, I’ll help dig potatoes…

Adirondack reds are THAT fuchsia.

This is what Sampson did today…

The Little Prince doth find his chambers quite comfortable

But when you don’t crouch betwixt the taters, you miss out on this…

Smart tater frog finds relief in the shade

AC and a fresh shower are my just rewards. As is having a hands-on opportunity to learn more about organic farming.

Needless to say, the Kennebecs and Adirondack reds are market-bound. I’ve seen where they live. I know how they grow.

And I pity the fool who passes them up.  


4 thoughts on “Hmmm…What to do when there’s a heat advisory…?

  1. jessegarden says:

    I used to think of frogs as scary things when I was living in Vietnam (all the kids in my neighborhood told me scary stories about them), but now I just think they are so cute.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I know its kind of silly (and maybe a tad gross) but the feeling of a sweat bead rolling down my back makes me feel so accomplished and vindicated. Heat schmeat, keep moving! Drink tons of water (especially natural ones like here: and stop when your body says to.

    Apparently Sampson’s threshold/tolerance is lower than that of Amy’s but its ok…he was just listening to his body. 🙂

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