Screw March 20th

Today is the first day of spring. I’m not waiting two more weeks for my stupid calendar to officially declare the vernal equinox. It’s today. 

It’s one of those days where undergrads will prematurely wear shorts, pull out the grill and send their 21-year old friends out for unprecedented Tuesday night cases of Huber Bock. Where grad students will completely ignore the remaining snow, albeit melting, and enjoy their beverage on the Terrace instead of inside the Ratt.

Come on students, you know it’s true.  

It’s one of those days where you take the dog for a spin around the block instead of letting her out in the back yard.  When you throw a little China Cat Sunflower on the iPod for that walk.

You know it Deadheads…You know that song fits days like today.

It’s one of those days where, if you are in an office, you sigh heavily and envy the pink on that passing bicyclist’s cheeks. You start planning an early departure. Isn’t that a headache you’re feeling? You should leave by 3 to take care of that. You should join your friend on the Terrace.   

Yep, harried employee, it’s that day.

hurry up..get that sun! photo by eddie coyote/flickr creative commons

The day you leave the treadmill in the garage and test out shaky legs on a country road. It’s not the same. You run more slowly than your fastest power walk. But back Flo Rida up with a little Pat Benetar, and you make it through.

Sweaty and awkward perhaps…but your mental clarity shoots through the roof and into the warming sky, reminding you why you started exercising in the first place. This moment of zen. This sun on your face. 

It’s a day for unabashed clichés. Because I don’t care. A sunny moment for optimism and energy. To anticipate shoots and sprouts, longer runs, brighter days. 

A day to play overplayed songs like this.  Turn it up. 

Yep yep yep. It’s official. Spring has sprung in these here parts. Wisconsinites rejoice, get outside and shake what the good lord gave ya.






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