Seeds of Change

Seeds are a constant metaphor. Seeds of knowledge. Seeds of inspiration. Seeds of hope. Seeds of life burst from his quivering loins. You get the picture.

Let’s pull out of the metaphors for a bit and focus on the literal. As in, seeds that actually turn into fruits, vegetables, herbs and trees. 

Let’s start planting more of those.

In the World War era, citizens were encouraged to plant gardens. The point was to increase family sustainability so more resources could be shipped to our soldiers. Here is a great article promoting modern day Victory Gardens.

When did this local food movement shift from being a patriotic duty and become a left-leaning ideal?

Our soldiers’ needs are different now. But if more people joined this seemingly bipartisan activity, we might actually improve this globe. We may not completely solve the world’s hunger or obesity crisis that oddly coexist. But we might teach future generations how to grow fresh food by introducing the concept into our homes. We might address food deserts to a small degree. We might save a few more tanks of gas and reduce a few more carbon emissions from shipping food, on the average, 1500 miles to our tables.

We might empower local communities and individuals instead of behemoth food industries involving big government.

We might, we might, we might.

So I’ve been drooling over seed catalog porn the last few days. Every year my eyes are bigger than my gardening ability and available space. Every year I imagine this:

taken by “the hills are alive”/flickr creative commons

But end up with this:

stupid idiot beetles

But this year is different. This year I have more full sun thanks to the felling of a dangerously looming linden. I’m educating myself on organic seed that I aim to save for next year. This year, I know a little more about what I can grow (cucumbers) and what I can’t (carrots).

So if you still want metaphors, look no further. REAL seeds are tiny little packages of hope. Real seeds provide knowledge about the origins of food and the health of the soil that nourishes it. Real seeds inspire you to get outside, play in the dirt and design.

And if you want to get reproductive about it, real seeds produce a new life you commit to and nurture.   

So scrub off your black thumbs and plant some seeds. Do it to save a little grocery money. Do it for that burst of excitement you feel finding sprouts and cute little baby veges.

Do it…for your country.


There are some great resources for beginner gardeners. Here are just a few.

Planting your first vegetable garden

The Farmer’s Almanac

Tips for starting seed indoors

Seed starting simplified

Do you have any seed starting tips to share?


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