Get Your Blenders Runnin’….

I don’t eat enough fruit and vegetables. Oh, I can hear the tittering now… “Certainly someone who writes about health and wellness has her shit together in THAT department?” And I’ve had my share of teasing, “Oooh, don’t let Amy see you eat that…it’s processed”. Some assume I survive on sticks and berries.

Apparently they have never seen me around an open bag of original Cheetos. It’s like a lioness with her face buried into the side of a gazelle.

Truth is, I am NOT the epitome of well-being. I write about these topics to get my shit together. Doing research and putting it into simple words helps me stay on task. Considering my love for good food, my mad kitchen skillz and my fairly addictive personality, I will ALWAYS  need help staying on task. Lots of writers use weakness as their muse.

Which brings me back to fruits and vegetables…

I recently watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. If you watch this official trailer, you’ll get the main gist. My unofficial review is at EcoSnobbery Sucks. Nothing shockingly new, but it has that heartfelt Biggest Loser feel I’m such a sucker for.

The film revolves around juice fasts. I‘m not sold on juice fasts. You remove all the fiber and it seems, waste a huge amount of solid food that cost you good money.

But it did alert me to just how many fruits and veges one needs to clean out and thrive. According to the CDC, I need 4 cups of them a day. Have you ever set 4 cups of those bad boys on the counter? It’s one damn big pile of food. My jaw already hurts. So it does make sense that green juice ensures you’re getting your proper dose without an arthritic jaw.

But here’s my dose of reality: Christmas is over. I’m not dropping anywhere from $300-$1000 on a quality juicer. I’m not going to waste $50-$100 on a crappy one.

But I do have a blender. Enter… The Smoothie.

I love fruit smoothies for breakfast. I’ve been known to throw a little kale or spirulina into mine because my son thinks drinking green smoothies is freakishly cool. Since watching this film, I’ve been drinking a lot more for lunch and adding more vegetables like spinach, carrots, beets, beet greens and cucumber.

They’re not as pretty as green juices:

Pretty, pretty juice. photo by tamara_smith/flickr creative commons

They’re a motley crew of brown, frothy beverages that get a wary reception from my family.

Orange, beet greens, flax seed, lime juice, honey & ginger. Photo by yours truly

Apparently the brown smoothie is freakishly UNcool.

So be it. I’ve noticed an increase in energy and positive changes in my mood and digestive tract. (I’ll spare you, let’s just say things are moving along nicely) I’m less tempted to grab cheese or carbs to snack on. With a smoothie and a handful of nuts, I’m golden.

Not a regimented diet plan. But a down and dirty way for me to get those micronutrients down the hatch and do a bit of early spring cleaning.


5 thoughts on “Get Your Blenders Runnin’….

  1. Anonymous says:

    Excellent and inspiring. My husband, Ken, is enthused.
    BTW, I like to stick a raw egg in my smoothies. There’s no taste to it, and lots of protein.
    Keep writing. This is one of your best!

  2. aejohnson says:

    You should have seen Jeff’s face when I made him a spinach, carrot, beet, banana and chia seed smoothie. He drank it though. The honey and ginger save the day.

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