…and to all a good night

Every person who likes animals should have the joy of picking out their own pet at least once in their life.

I had the pleasure of selecting and raising my Sophie before I met my man and birthed my baby. She has seen me through a lot. This week, she joins me in an entirely new experience. Meet Sampson:

My husband’s Christmas wish for years finally came true on Wednesday night. A little critter to call his own.  Sampson is 2 1/2 years old, given to us for free by a woman going through major life transition and unable to give him the care he needs. My heart breaks for her. But it warms for us.

A little sprite, to say the least. Picked up a few habits that give my man the opportunity to channel his inner Dog Whisperer. Sampson is pure chaos on a leash. But incredibly smart and pure cuteness. How can you resist?

Welcome Sampson. We hope you like it here.

On another note, I am waiting until Christmas for the big reveal of my Ugly Christmas Sweater Vest, found at Goodwill for $3.99. But you can have a sneak peek:

She’s a real beauty.

Here’s to keeping all your critters, new and old, warm and happy this holiday season.

Time to cook, cook like the wind. I toast you all…to all….a good night.


2 thoughts on “…and to all a good night

  1. Fay says:

    Chaos on a leash. Ha! What a lucky pup. You found the perfect family, Sampson. They like/need to be walked regularly and they enjoy throwing balls.
    (Hint: Don’t judge your new mother by her choice of Christmas sweaters.)

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