Ahoy mates. It’s been awhile. We’ve been back from the Land of Enchantment for over a week. I soaked in as much strikingly blue sky as I could, filled my belly with green chile and Frontier sweet rolls and reconnected with people I love.

You can’t take a two-week road trip that includes a funeral without learning some lessons. Ideas cram my head, like road trip health, the mourning process, establishing routines and holiday cooking on unfamiliar turf. I learned how to make tamales and skin cream (not at the same time). I brought in my 43rd year surrounded by ocotillo and love.

But Christmas was impatiently pacing on my front porch when I returned. Shopping, planning, hanging holiday décor…. (Having an 8 yr. old gives me valid justification for going overboard on decorations.) I have a shitload of inventory to create for this event. In a nutshell, I’m a bit frantic. We all are.

The overriding mantra these days is PRIORITIZE. Death and major life transitions usually trigger shifts in larger-scale priorities. Having overwhelming To Do lists force you to rework the smaller details. What activities really need to get done to advance my career dreams, take care of my family and allow us to have a nice holiday?  And in the big picture, which details matter?

These are the days of lists. Of course, my holiday wish list is complete, written on the long ride back from New Mexico. But now when I write my To Do lists, my To Cook, To Buy and To Make The World A Better Place lists, I prioritize them based on my reality. Do I have enough time? Enough money? Sanity? What is required and what is just me crazy-talkin’?

Are the White Chocolate-Mint Pots de Creme with Candy Cane Brittle from Bon Appetit a realistic menu choice?

Three is the magic number. When I wake up, I pick three major priorities to tackle. Keeping three projects in mind helps carve out a routine for the day. Anything else that gets done is icing on the cake. Of course, I’m distracted by plenty of shiny things (especially now, I seriously did go apeshit on the decorations) but DISTRACTION and PROCRASTINATION are different subjects for a different day.

Today, I prioritize. Blog, laundry, beading. Have a good week.

Soaking in that New Mexico magic on my birthday hike


7 thoughts on “Priorities

  1. Anonymous says:

    Secret Santa week in Chadbourne Hall. Mary had my name, but I didn’t know it and unfortunately, I was not being very complimentary about my gifts. It’s okay if you don’t remember – it was a ridiculously long time ago.

  2. Cathy Jehn says:

    “apeshit”? I can’t help but think you stole that from me. You remember when Mary Dumas went apeshit at Walgreens in 1986? I think I should get a footnote 🙂

    • aejohnson says:

      My apologies, but I didn’t associate “apeshit” with “Cathy”. I don’t recall the Walgreens apeshit moment, but would love to have my memory refreshed.

  3. Jennifer Baker says:

    Can I transport Into your beautiful birthday pic? Like the threes advice…used it for talk points in a letter today. Your writing is my pick me up!

  4. Brittany says:

    Uh, should perusing the web for 2 hours in the morning be a priority? I think not. darn it, guilty again. I need to get up and clean something, make stockings, get busy on making soap, open the chicken cage, pair down the kids toys and clothes and change the laundry. I just don’t feel like it. I don’t want this week to turn out like last week. What a waste. Even Sunny Bunny was trying to get me moving, not even her attempts worked. Got nothing accomplished last week and time is quickly counting down ’til I have Justin’s whole family here. M.O.T.I.V.A.T.I.O.N. Where are you!?!?!?!? I need Amber, the organizational Queen.

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