Unprocessed reality check

Ok, crimestoppers. How did that whole October Unprocessed thing go?

The day I posted that challenge, my mom visited me. Mrs. Claus never walks through a door empty-handed. Energized by blog power, I pilfered through her grocery bags, ranted about additives and returned an entire bag of processed. We had a frank discussion about the lure of sales and the meaningless words “all natural”.  We raised our fists in unity as she drove away the next day, pumped for a month of cupboard purging and label-reading.

I normally do a lot of cooking and eat fairly “unprocessed”, so this challenge wasn’t a huge lifestyle change for me. I posted it primarily to get other people, like my mother, on board.

But I did have a few eye-openers. I did well for about two weeks until I caved to the convenience of cereal a few mornings. And damn the siren’s call of dark chocolate-covered pomegranates, who lured me in during hormonal fluctuation.

Mom conducted a respectable cupboard purge. She called me a few times with vigor. Then the calls waned. Finally, “Went to Schwartz’s tonight. Not so unprocessed, Amy.” Neither was the casino trip.

In unicorn land, my mom and I eat completely unprocessed. OR, processed favorites would actually be really healthy. But in our world, all we can do is try.

That’s why I promote realistic wellness approaches. Rare are the birds whose lives allow them to eat unprocessed 100% of the time. Realists like me have kids, eat on the run, and use dark chocolate-covered pomegranates to quiet the incessantly whining hormonal monkey. Realists take on challenges like “October Unprocessed” to check out how much of their diet contains ingredients they can’t whip up in the kitchen and aim to reduce that. We know that, realistically, October isn’t the only month we should challenge ourselves to eat unprocessed.

Use challenges as a kick in the pants. Might not last, but it can stimulate change.

It’s November. Time for a new challenge. Nothing official or complex, I just need to make a conscious effort to eat more fruits and veges. I’ve been consuming a serious amount of cheese. The monkey has been very restless.

Time to check in with Mrs. Claus. Let her know a new salad spinner is on my Christmas list.

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