Ah, October. The crisp blue sky brings crackling leaves, the smell of bonfire, and…you know, 80 degree weather.

So instead of snuggling in with a warm mug of fresh herbal tea getting a shitload of writing done so that I can purge the clutter of ideas stacking in my head, (it’s like Hoarders: Buried Alive up there) I will catch up on some yard work, strap on the spandex to cruise a few hills and sip iced tea in the cabana.

Perhaps not timely weather for my Apple Crisp recipe to post over at Eco-Snobbery Sucks. But thar she be, in all her glory. She’s a tasty one, AND quite acceptable for the October Unprocessed Challenge.

How’s that going for you anyway? I couldn’t have my Kashi Heart to Heart cereal this morning, the ol’ standby when we’re rushing out the door. Have you missed anything yet? Discuss.

Alright folks. Enjoy hot temps or brisk fall days, treat yourself to the Crisp and stay unprocessed.


2 thoughts on “Crisp

  1. Fay says:

    You made me so hungry for apple crisp I ran out and bought some apples and some vanilla ice cream. I never had a recipe that provided that perfect crispness. I trusted your judgment and followed your lead, oh wise one, and I was not disappointed. Next: peaches/nectarines/mangos … all those juicy fruits that are rich in insectide.

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