Three bites…

I have three things to throw your way before the weekend. Three is the magic number.

First, I had an incident last week that initially burned my biscuits. But I threw a little positive reframe on it and turned it into a nice little test of my eco-snobbery chops. In summary, my son’s 3rd grade teacher banned his homemade chocolate chip cookie because it was an “unhealthy choice”. Yet the plethora of highly processed and additive-laden fruit snacks, snack crackers and cereal bars were just fine?

So after preaching to the choir all weekend, I had a clumsy talk with the teacher and churned this puppy out for Eco-Snobbery Sucks. I’m pretty sure I’ll have more to say on the topic, especially about proper message delivery. Stay tuned.

Next, in the spirit of all things unprocessed, do you think you could go an entire month without processed food? I found this little gem of a challenge over at Eating
, a well-designed website that takes a comfortable and literate approach to eating well. My kinda thing. Anyhoo, they are promoting  OctoberUnprocessed 2011.  Read the definition, it might be easier than you think. I’m in. Let me know if you’re in. We can chit-chat.

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Off to make some soup. Stay cozy.


One thought on “Three bites…

  1. aejohnson says:

    Why is this post all in italics, you may ask? I have no answers. I tried for 1/2 hour to change it. Let’s just go with it, turn off the computer and make soup.

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