Have you ever stopped yourself from doing something because you couldn’t do it “correctly”? Because you didn’t have the proper equipment? Because you were afraid you would look like a fool?

Well, stop THAT.

This summer, I reintroduced myself to my used bike and started sweating up and down our country roads. I am far from well-equipped The gears make funny noises when I shift and I’m a little leery of the brakes. And yes, I look like a complete fool thank you very much, poured into my little black shorts, sportin’ my bright yellow Piggly Wiggly t-shirt. But drivers can SEE yellow. And I’m hoping my pig’s ass brings a little levity to their day:







I write more in-depth about the experience at Eco Snobbery Sucks.  The founder/editor-in-chief is a “cyclist”. I’m just a gal goin’ for a bike ride.

But these li’l old bike rides bring me clarity and some damn nice scenery…and damn nice scenery always awakens my perspective. It’s just constant rebirth and singing angels out there on County J.

No, not really. I’m seriously red and blotchy. And sometimes I suck wind HARD and feel like vomiting.

BUT…be the fool and start that activity. Start clumsy. People are too busy to stop their own monkey mind just to point and laugh at you – the only one judging your awkward start is you. Don’t wait for the perfect gear or equipment, start with what you’ve got. Go as far as the mailbox. Go around the block. Go one mile. Go ten.

Go. Go. Go.

photo by snowbear/morguefile


3 thoughts on “Ride

  1. Mandy Pants says:

    Ahhhh…..inspiration comes in many forms! Thanks, gal! I remember when I first started running on the roads again; I didn’t want people to see my jiggly butt. Then I realized after gawking at other road runners as I whizzed by them that I couldn’t get a good glimpse of any butts, jiggly or otherwise!

  2. Charlie Wrenn says:

    As an out-of-shape, overweight, older (50’s) person, I couldn’t agree more – go, go, go. I don’t go fast or far, since my knees really hurt after 15-20 miles. But I am knocking out the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal towpath (186.5 miles), a little at a time.

    Charlie (aka snowbear, morgueFile)

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