The bane of my existence

My mother taught me that hate is a very strong word. I had a bad habit of saying “hate” when it was not (always) warranted. As a parent and role model, I don’t go hatin’ as much as I used to. Out loud anyway.

I HATE japanese beetles. I HATE ’em. From the very core of my little being. Because I love raspberries. And those little assholes bone down in wild orgies all over my tender leaves and growing berries. Seriously, it was my child’s first lesson on mating.

I hate beetle group sex

Forget the honey badger, japanese beetle don’t care. Japanese beetle is bad ass. Ultimately, they leave my raspberry leaves in shambles. The patch deteriorates more each year.

It pains me.

So please, I would be grateful for any suggestions to rid myself of these screwing, winged hemorrhoids. But I don’t do pesticides. Yes, I am aware that’s the quickest solution, but that’s my reality. I also hate pesticides.

kickin' beetle ass

 Off to defend my territory….

Photo 1 by shaka/; Photo 2 by openphoto/

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