Opening Day

After a week of whirling in the vortex of conference planning chaos AND after 2.5 days of sucking recycled air in this monstrosity

…I went to my happy place. Opening day of our farmer’s market.

Oh, she’s a humble market to be sure. We had a great showing for early May with a whopping eleven vendors. Notta lotta produce yet, considering our severely sucking stubborn spring. But there were marigolds and wren houses. Local honey and eggs. Raspberry plants, seedlings, rhubarb and fake flower arrangements for visiting the cemetery on Memorial Day. Benches, decorated wine bottles, incense burners. And of course, jewelry and sun catchers, because Minglebead was in the house. Besides, my freshly transplanted perennials were too flaccid to sell. They would have felt very self-conscious.

I’ve got big plans for the market this year. Those perennials will perk up, and there’s more digging to be done. Locals should be able locate a nice ripe vegetable or aromatic herb to match the fresh pair of earrings they selected.  Or grab a soothing tea blend to accompany that shiny bracelet. Big plans, big plans…all in the pursuit of local wellness.

Yes, I like our market. I’d rather be a bright fish in this small pond than struggle upstream against the baby strollers and high prices of the Madison market.  I soak in the banter about the weather and the wind and passing the school referendum. I enjoy myself a Mr. Burke’s Big Cookie, who, thank the gods of all that is worthy and sweet, made their debut on Saturday. (The only thing I don’t like about Mr. Burke’s Big Cookie is baked goods were part of my agenda. I believe, however, I’ve worked out a solid no-compete clause with Mrs. Burke.)

I especially liked chatting it up with my neighbor to the left…one cool chick selling medicinal herbs. A Madison transplant establishing both personal and herbaceous roots just outside of town. One who shares my penchant for Barbara Kingsolver and stinging nettles. I look forward to her incoming selection of both plants and ideas.

Yes, small but mighty our market is. A little nugget of promise in this sleepy bedroom community. My happy place where I look forward to spending more time.

Because you can’t get any more local than nurturing that sane and civilized place inside your head.


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